Light To Africa


Light to Africa International is a Canadian charitable foundation which is newly registered by the Charities Directorate of Canada Revenue Agency under the authority of the Canadian Income Tax Act.
The organization was established to serve as the charitable arm of a group called Yedede, an informal social club with a charitable conscience, formed by a group of a Ghanaian-Canadian professionals working in various professions and trades in Canada. Yedede believes that it is possible, indeed necessary, to do good while having fun!
Light to Africa International’s purpose is to advance education in Africa by providing scholarships and bursaries to brilliant and needy students.

This is because we recognize education to possess the greatest potential for enabling Africa to dismantle the many obstacles that stand in her way to development and success.

The foundation has also identified the provision of scholarships and bursaries and related supports as the best vehicle to facilitate education in Africa.
Our plan is to start with one country, Ghana, and build on our success there in expanding to other African countries over the next several years.

Our specific Goals are:

  • To use scholarships to facilitate the attainment of academic excellence among budding scholars in Africa.
  • To use bursaries to enable needy students to pursue their continued schooling and educational goals, notwithstanding the financial barriers they otherwise face.
  • We have already embarked on the road to Africa’s future. Please join us on this education trip to that better future!

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To be the largest, best known, and most reputable scholarship and bursary provider in Ghana – if not Africa - To advance education in Ghana and Africa by providing scholarships and bursaries to brilliant but needy students in under-developed communities across Africa.
Our Mission
To help unearth and build the intellectual potential and prowess of Ghana’s aspiring or emerging scholars, leading to their distinguished success in their fields of study, and to help remove the financial obstacles that thwarts the continued and high educational attainment of students living in hardship in Ghana and other parts of Africa
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